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A day laborer gets his dream job when he shows up for the wrong interview.

The full length feature stars Tony Guerrero (Anchorman 2, X-Men: First Class) and Melissa Ponzio (Chicago Fire, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead).


Art Imitates Life For Undocumented Executive Star and Producer 

Tony Guerrero (Jesus “Jaqi” Gutierrez) is currently facing an immigration drama of his own. After crossing the border over ten years ago, Guerrero worked his way up from busboy to television and film star. He is a Spanish language spokesperson for Ole Mexican Foods, Chick Fil-A, Lowe’s, American Airlines, Wal-Mart and many more. He can be seen in Hollywood blockbusters like ANCHORMAN 2 and X-MEN FIRST CLASS and acclaimed independent shorts like MOVED and TROZOS DE LUZ and is a familiar face on national commercials, television programs and sitcoms. But in 2012, Guerrero’s immigration status caught up to him when a Federal judge ordered him to be deported by late January 2013. Guerrero was able to petition the Department of Homeland Security for a temporary halt to the judge’s deportation order, which must be renewed every year. The recent Presidential Executive Order gives Guerrero a reprieve, but that order is being aggressively challenged in Congress and in court.



From Combat Wounded Veteran to Director of Photography

Shooting a feature under a tight budget and time frame can be a challenge for any director of photography, but for Michael “Bubba” Fulcher, nothing compares to the challenge of his first career. Fulcher was an elite Army Ranger serving four tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and receiving several medals, including the Purple Heart.


Production Notes

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Award-winning Documentary Director Brian Kosisky tackles his first fictional comedy feature with the hilarious UNDOCUMENTED EXECUTIVE, but doesn’t stray too far from his roots.The film tells the story of an ambitious day laborer who gets his dream job when he shows up for the wrong interview. The premise came to Kosisky while he was working for CNN and in talks with the star and co-producer, Tony Guerrero. The top stories of the day were (and continue to be) the immigration debate and corporate scandals involving investment fraud.  “Immigrants risk everything just to give their families a chance for the American dream. At the same time, some corrupt executives who were already living the dream put the whole economy at risk by pursuing selfish, short-term gains”, Kosisky said.BTS2

Kosisky took a year to write the screenplay with the help of veteran screenwriter Herschel Weingrod, known for the classic comedies TWINS, KINDERGARTEN COP and TRADING PLACES. UNDOCUMENTED EXECUTIVE has similar themes to TRADING PLACES and is reminiscent of other classic comedies such as BEING THERE.

The film’s modest budget of $25,000 was self-financed by Brian Kosisky and his wife, Executive Producer, Joy Kosisky. It was shot on location in Atlanta using mostly-handheld Canon 5D DSLRs. Most of the shooting took place at Academy Mortgage in Atlanta during normal business hours. The cast and crew had to work around employees, quickly setting up and breaking down lights, and equipment to create as little interruption as possible.

Director Brian Kosisky rehearsed every scene right before cameras rolled, working with the actors to ensure all lines and reactions rang true to the scene and the characters. Improvisation and input from the cast and small crew was encouraged and most scenes were tweaked on-the-spot until they played as “real” as possible.

Initial production ran foBTS 8r fifteen shooting days. As was the plan, rough cuts were screened in front of test audiences to make sure all the scenes were as entertaining as possible. “With comedy, it’s easy to tell where people are laughing and where they aren’t,” Kosisky said. “In the rewrites and additional shooting, I focused on what people responded to and refined what they didn’t. When a person buys the film, I owe to them to make it as great as possible.”